Virtual Assistant Services and Workflow Consulting



Getting your desk in order

Workflow Consulting & Virtual Assistant services so you can focus on the work that got you started in the first place. Competitive hourly rates with no minimums: you pay only for the time you use.

What’s Included?

I offer a personalized virtual assistant and workflow consulting service with bespoke packages for every client. I specialize in women-led small businesses, caring professionals like doulas and private practice therapists, authors, and artists.

Clients who opt in also receive a monthly newsletter with ideas and tips for building a more sustainable work-life balance.

How does it work?

I offer two options: a consulting package, in which we evaluate your existing system for pain points and rebuild it so you can manage it on your own more easily, and an ongoing VA package where I take over some of those details on an ongoing basis.

In the early days of our working relationship, we’ll have a comprehensive consultation process to determine exactly what you need. We’ll work together to understand the fundamental aspects of your industry and market, the tasks that you’re struggling with, and the options for making those tasks less burdensome.

What does it cost?

My standard service starts at $30 an hour billed in half-hour increments and varies depending on the tasks required. This rate is designed to balance the work with the budget constraints of small business—trust me, I get it! That’s why I don’t require a minimum commitment and work with clients to minimize “empty” rounded minutes: we’ve all gotta make this work!

While most of my clients have established businesses that are ready to to grow, if you’re still in early days and not sure you’ve got the budget for my hourly rate, please don’t hesitate to say so! I’m happy to consider skills exchange, a-la-carte options, or something else, and asking is free.

Can I call/text/add you on fb Messenger?

I work best over email, with occasional calls and meetings by appointment. It’s important that my clients understand that I work around my toddler, and strive to maintain a reasonable work-life balance. You can expect most normal assignments (except for copywriting, which requires draft approval time) to have a 2-business-day turnaround, with occasional rush jobs available at premium pricing.

When it comes to communication, this is a professional relationship, but I understand that your business is close to your heart. We don’t have to be besties, but I don’t want us to have to be on eggshells with each other, either. We both need to communicate clearly about our needs and boundaries. I need to know when you’re having a hard time, when you need a break, or when you’re really feelin’ it. You need to be comfortable telling me. I expect the same in return.

Just the details, please

A-la-carte options to conquer your to-do list.


Need help setting up your back-end systems? Confused by CRM and workflows? Looking to run more automation? Drowning under a pile of paperwork? Consulting packages include set-up, training, and support to help you build and effectively use a new system for your work. If you decide you need ongoing help, consulting can easily be transitioned into hourly virtual assistant services at my usual rate.


Planning, service research and selection, template building, copywriting, audience and segment building, and putting it all together: you bring the strategy, and I make it go. Note that this rate does not include relevant subscription fees for a given service, but does include an analysis of which platform may be best for your needs and budget.

Websites & Digital storefronts

While I don’t design websites from the ground up, if you’ve already got a great bespoke site going or you’re happy to work with a template model like SquareSpace or Shopify, I can help keep things updated and running smoothly. Rates vary depending on your starting point; please contact me for an estimate.

Social Media Management

Ongoing social media attention including posting your collected content, tracking engagement, handling messages and replies, comment moderation, etc, all at my normal hourly rate.

File & Data Organization

Digitization of documents, creation and ongoing management of a filing system for your contracts, business and tax information, invoices, receipts, and more.

Other Projects

Let’s talk! Let me know what you need, and I’ll give you an estimate.