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Mother, I’m trying
to write
a poem to you—

which is how most
poems to mothers must
begin—or, What I’ve wanted
to say, Mother.
..but we
as children of mothers,
even when mothers ourselves,

cannot bear our poems
to them. Poems to
mothers make us feel

little again. How to describe
that world that mothers spin
and consume and trap

and love us in, that spreads
for years and men and miles?
Those particular hands that could

smooth anything: butter on bread,
cool sheets or weather. It’s
the wonder of them, good or bad,

those mother-hands that pet
and shape and slap,
that sew you together
the pieces of a better house
or life in which you’ll try
to live. Mother,

I’ve done no better
than the others, but for now,
here is your clever failure.

-Another Poem for Mothers | Erin Belieu, 1967

When I chose to be a mother, it was with the understanding that motherhood is forever. It’s forever in a way nothing else is; even marriage is something you choose every day, something that can be dissolved if things go awry. The choice to be a mother is final, and binding. You get to choose it once, essentially, when you find out it's happening, and then that choice carries its way down and down along the line of the rest of your life.